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Hammock Head

Hammock Head Display
On display at the Museum

Hammock Head is an Elk, living in the Packwood region. Not only is he a well known figure locally, he’s became famous throughout the Northwest for his ability to make a fashion statement with lawn furniture.

White Pass Country Historical Museum display of the original Hammock that gave the famous Elk his name. Also included in the display is one of Hammock Head’s antler’s.

ChairHead Elk

The Hammock and antler were recovered the Spring of 2023 after the Elk shed his antlers. Hammock Head wasn’t done yet, Chronline.com reports that the Elk then donned a camp chair as his new head gear.

Packwood resident Brenda Sponholtz captured this photo of “Hammock Head” with his newest headwear, a camp chair, along Snyder Road in Packwood on Aug. 2. Chronline.com August 9, 2023

Hammock ElkThis photo of Hammock Head the elk was taken by Packwood resident Heather Weagant. “Packwood has been a part of my family for over 60 years. … I’ve called Packwood my second home for nearly 40 years. It doesn’t matter how many times we’ve seen the elk, each time is as exciting as the last. Ole Hammock Head just adds a little flair to that excitement,” Weagant said.  Brittany Longe took this photo of Hammock Head in Packwood recently. – Chronline.com, April 12, 2023



THe history is still being made on this particilar display!

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