White Pass Country Historical Museum

1930 AA Ford School Bus Restoration

Start of the Project

For the time being it is being stored in an undisclosed location in Packwood. If you want to take a look at it please contact the historical society so that arrangements can be made.

Thank you to all those who have donated so far.

Donations to this project can be mailed to the White Pass Country Historical Society at PO Box 958 Packwood, WA 98361. Please mark it for the School Bus Restoration.

The 1930 Ford Model AA School Bus was donated to the Historical Society by Joe Slagle of Randle. It sat on his property for many years and was covered in blackberry vines. The project is headed by Kenton Smith, with the help of Jerry Redfield & Richard Pearsal.

When the bus was pulled – kicking and screaming – from the briers, it was in rough shape. Thanks to the efforts of Kent and his crew, the progress has been remarkable. The bus now runs: it is said that it purrs, it runs so smooth. It has been painted Black and School Bus Yellow. Restoration work has been completed and the bus makes its appearance at various times.

A few of the workers

School Bus
Final Tweeks
A School Bus